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About Video Girl Ai


Video Girl Ai is a series created by Masakazu Katsura and published by Shonen Jump. It was started in 1990 until 1993, and produce 15 manga series. The first 13 series is a story about Video Girl name "Amano Ai" and the last 2 series came years later and it tells a story about Video Girl name "Len". Although it has different character, the story is not entirely different, it is what you can say the continuity from the first one.
The Video Girl Ai anime is a six part OVA (Original Video Animation) series which was produced by I.G. Tatsunoko. The series was released in 1992 by Jump Video. It roughly covers most of the material found in Volumes 1 and 3 of the manga (and some of Volume 2). The character designs for the anime remain faithful to the manga style and the overall animation is excellent. However, viewers should be warned that the ending of the OVA series is rather inconclusive and may leave you wishing for more!
In this page I only write the story for Video Girl Ai manga series, because The OVA is basically based by the manga story, so it is basically the same concept of the story. I will try to write the story summary for Video Girl Ai Len soon, cause right now I already have a little bit understanding about the story. So watch for it.


Video Girl Ai



Amano Ai

She is a Video Girl with a purpose to help people who have any problem with their love life. She was created without feelings, only the need to pleases her partner, but since the accident she had caused by Youta broken Video, She was given a unique gift, a feelings of love.

Youta Moteuchi

He is just an ordinary unpopular high school student. Although sometimes he looks like a complete idiot, he actually a very brave, caring and gentle person, he will do anything to save the one he love. His only problem is that he can't say "no" to a girl... can you???

Moemi Hayakawa

She is a girl that probably every man will like. She's very kind, nice and gentle girl. But the most important thing is that she is a good cooker ^-^. She seems interested in Youta personality, but it seems that she's not sure if it is a love or not, and she seems feel hesitation whenever she want to express her feelings to Youta.

Takashi Niimai

At first he was Youta best friends, he always encouraged Youta to express his love to Moemi, but it seems that he doesn't aware that he was the one that moemi love, until it's to late. He actually a very good friends for Youta, but unfortunetly he doesn't know when he has to stop helping Youta until it's to late....

Nobuko Nizaki

A very nice and cute girl. Her personality is like a child. Eventhough she act like a child, she actually a very sensitif girl, she know exactly what to do with a guy like Youta. She has a short hair later on, I don't have the picture in here, but if you curios, you can find it in my gallery.


She was Youta childhood friend, she moved when they were a little kid. They meet again when she was looking for her lost boyfriend. She is a strong girl and really skillful in fighting. She help Youta a lot. She has a problem with her heart condition, which is taken her life in the end.

  The Old Man

His effort in helping Youta and Ai to be together is really big. He is a very kind old man who can't stand to watch Rolex destroying people's Love. He is the founder of the "New Gokuraku".


He is the creator of Video Girl. I can't say much about him. He for whatever reason, denied the existence of love. He'll do anything to stop Youta and Ai to be together. Some people inform me that based by Masakazu Katsura, Video Girl was created so Rolex and the other people from the future can watch them to interact with the person that they're comforting like a soap opera drama in reality.


She is the new generation of Video Girl who was created by The Old Man. Her function is basically the same with Amano Ai. The only different is that she was capable of experiencing feelings within her heart. She was the main character for Video Girl volume 14-15.

Mai Kamio

She is the example of the perfect Video Girl created by Rolex, she was given a job by Rolex to eliminate Ai. As well as trying to erase Ai, Rolex also gives her to a boy who he feels is unworthy of having a Video Girl just to see how he would handle the situation. The boy obviously doesn't deal with it very well. (Special Thanks for "David Watson" for the Info he gave me.)




The Story start when "Youta Moteuchi" found out that the girl he like, "Hayakawa Moemi" was in love with his best friend, "Takashi Niimai". Disappointed with this fact, he decided to rent a video from a mysterious video store that came out from nowhere on his way home. The video store is called "Gokuraku". The unique things in this video store are that every video that they have in the store can bring the character from the video to the real life and one of the results is a girl name "Amano Ai". Ai come to life with a purpose to brighten up Youta life and encouraged him to pursue his love. At first everything works like it’s suppose to, but because of the accident they had earlier cause by Youta broken video, Ai was given an unique gift that other Video girl doesn’t have, a gift to feel love within her heart. With this, Ai who at first doesn’t have any intention on Youta is finally fallen in love with his personality and gentleness. At first, their relationship is developing just fine, but because she is a video girl, her function is to support Youta to get the love he need, not to love him herself. Their love was forbade by Ai creator, "Rolex" because he refused to believe the existence of love. From this point on, the story is about how Youta and Ai try to find a way to be together and release Ai from the hand of her creator. Youta life become more complicated when a girl name "Nobuko" came into his life and it’s become more and more hard for Youta when the girl he like, Moemi is finally fallen in love with him. With whom does Youta finally settle with? I don't want to spoil the ending, but if you're curios, Email me and I will tell you about it.


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