Few Quick Words: I make this section because it's more easier for people to find the midi they're looking for, rather than I post it one by one in my index page. It is good to cut time to download my index page and it's also helping other poeple with slow modem to view my page more faster. This Section is not entirely dedicated to the Video Girl Ai series, because so far I only found three midi for this series. In order to fill the empty space in this page I decided to put several other midi song that I like from different anime series and some songs that I have in my harddrive, hope you like it. If you want to put your midi song in my page you're more than welcome. I just want to make this page crowded with good midi song and share it with everyone.


Video Girl Ai


Ah My Goddess !


Saint Seiya


Neon Genesis Evangelion


Tenchi Muyo


Maison Ikoku


Devil Hunter Yohko


Megami Paradise


Ranma 1/2


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