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Video Girl Ai related site


 The best Site to start !!! This site will give you a lot of information about VGAi and he had a lot of beautiful pictures for this series. Most of my pictures in the gallery was taken from his gallery, so if you like my gallery pictures, you better check this site out.

He has a pretty good selection of pictures in his gallery, so his site is really worth to look at.

This Site is not dedicated entirely to Video Girl Ai series, but he has some of the pictures from the series. If you interested in other anime, you can start surfing this page because this site has tons of anime images, just go to the series index and you will find all of the images and it’s absolutely FREE!!!

This site is dedicated for the work of Video Girl Ai author, "Masakazu Katsura"

His site have some of pictures taken mainly from the anime series. He also have a lot more cel from other anime, why don't you see it by yourself.

This page also have collections of Video Girl Ai scan images from the anime series.

His page have some self coloured images and his opinion about VGAi series.

Well... this page has some VGAi related stuff, not to much though.

A brand new video girl ai site!!! check it out, he dedicated his page just for VGAi music... I think.

Anime search engine or links


A very good site to look for anime and manga site

Another site for looking an anime or manga site in the internet.


Other Sites


This is a must see site! it's really funny, there's also a lot of information to anime series such Maison Ikoku, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ranma, etc. He has a lot of good selection midi for those anime series to, OK! enough talk, just go and see it yourself. Oh ya, this site is using a lot of Java applet and Javascript, so you have to have a very good browser to view this site, if you don't... well you might as well try and see what happen...

A very good looking site for one of my all time favourite anime and manga series Ah Megami sama!

A general anime fans site, check their anime midi site! Find your favorite anime midi in here, everything arrange in alphabetical order.

This site is dedicated to another one of my all time favourite anime and manga series "Maison Ikoku" by Rumiko Takahashi.

Another place to find information for the people behind you favorite anime character.


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