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I got a lot of question from people this last couples of days regarding where they can find Video Girl Ai books or tapes. I decided to make this page in order to help people who interested in buying Video Girl Ai stuff as well as looking for other series anime or manga in the net. If you know any sites that selling anime or manga stuff in the net, either for Video Girl Ai or not, please Email me me for that, so I can help more people who interested in Japanese art find what they're looking for. Well, I sincerely hope this page will help you to find what are you looking for. Happy shopping!



I will not be held resposnsible for any transaction that you are make between you and the company, person or organization that the links I post it in here. Any agreement that you are make is between you and the company, Organization or the person your are contacting about, I have nothing to do with any of those. OK!

Video Girl Ai stuff



  • Mix-Image (Available in Japanese and France language)



Others Anime or Manga Series


This the best place for you to start searching for anykind of anime that Available in North-America from ADV films, VIZ Video, Manga, AnimeEigo, Pioner, US Manga and much else.

A site where you can find a good quality Fans Subbed tapes.

Another place where you can find anime related stuff.

A site where you can find a lot of links to fansubber site.

One of the biggest anime distributor company in North - America.

Another anime distributor company in North - America.

You can find manga books in here. This the official distributor for Oh My Goddess, one of my favorites books!



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